Proteolabels 1.0 User Guide

Licensing Proteolabels

Online licensing: As you stream data from Progenesis QIP to Proteolabels, you will be prompted to input the serial number sold with your copy of Proteolabels (or a demo licence key). Proteolabels will communicate with our servers, and your copy will be licensed.

Offline licensing: If your Proteolabels analysis workstation is not connected to the Internet, you will be prompted to enter your licence code and Dongle ID at the Proteolabels licensing website. You will then be given a licence code to enter into your copy of Proteolabels.

If you have purchased Proteolabels, you should only need to enter the licence code once per workstation. The serial number sold with your copy of Proteolabels becomes tied to your Progenesis QIP dongle ID, not the workstation. Once licensed, you cannot use Proteolabels with a different Progenesis QIP dongle, but you can use it on different workstations.

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